Prelude, Allemande, Courant, Gigue, Passalia (Anonim) [Manuskrypt Paryski, P-Fn Rés. 1111, II poł. XVII w.]Walsingham (Anonim) [Matthew Holmes Lute Book, ca. 1615]

Humorous Pavan, The Old Humour, I am melancholy (Tobias Hume) [The First Part of Ayres, 1605]

Almaine, Coranto (Alfonso Ferrabosco II) [Lessons for 1. 2. and 3. viols, 1609]

Forget me not, What you will, And if you doe touch me ile crie (Thomas Ford) [Musicke of Sundrie Kinds, 1607]

Pavin (John Maynard) [The XII Wonder of the World, 1611]

Nightingale (Anonim) [A Musicall Banquet, 1651]

The Gilliflower, Almain, Saraband, Coranto, La cloche (Simon Ives) [Manchester Lyra Viol Manuscript, ca. 1660]