Les Chantres du Thoronet

Les Chantres du Thoronet is a French vocal ensemble, founded in 2008, consisting of four to eight professional singers. Its founder, Damien Poisblaud, wanted to bring back the treasures of the Gregorian chant, together with its original beauty and expression, so he reached to the historical and cultural heritage of the French abbey Le Thoronet. The core work of the group is research on the medieval manuscripts and traditional music, giving a special character to this music, which is sometimes more than a thousand years old. The ensemble seeks for the sources and the original sound of the Gregorian chant in the various musical traditions from the Mediterranean region, that were preserved and passed down orally from generation to generation since the first ages of our era up untill today. The cantors of Thoronet completed numerous concert performances, as well as CD recordings, and Damien Poisblaud became one of the leading specialists of Gregorian chant, delivering masterclasses, lectures and presentations at scientific conferences.

Grands Offertoires Grégoriens. Singing of the psalms in the old ornamental tradition from the first medieval manuscripts (10th century)

Concert venue

Corpus Christi Basilica

ul. Bożego Ciała 26, Kraków

Concert date

October 2, 2020; 8pm

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