The organizer

Fundacja inCanto, according to its name taken from the Italian language (incanto – delight, enchantment; canto – singing) – was created to delight with music and through admiration point to the One who is the source of all Beauty.

We concern ourselves with sacred and liturgical music, that is music whose source lies in the artist’s or composer’s personal relationship with God and which was created to help man approach the Creator in the liturgy. We are certain that good liturgical music is one of the most important components of evangelization (also the one with the adjective “new”), and in itself can become an important stage in the path to a better understanding of God. We see our superior mission in enabling musical masterpieces to play this evangelizing role. Therefore, on musical grounds we bring the sacred to its roots, we do not agree to treating sacred masterpieces as museum exhibits only. We are inspired by what in this special kind of music is primitive and fundamental – the admiration of the Creator expressed in sounds, in the complete orientation of form and content on expressing His glory. We want to contribute to the restoration of music which, in the artist’s intention, is devoted to God, to its right place.

We delight others with what we have been enraptured by.

Art director

Łukasz Serwiński – believes that music can change a person and its beauty brings us closer to the sacred. As artistic director, he is responsible for the implementation of the Musica Divina festival. He gained experience at the Cracow Festival Office, in which he participated in the implementation of the Sacrum Profanum, Opera Rara and Misteria Paschalia festivals. For five years associated with the Dominican Liturgical Centre Foundation – he was the artistic director and originator of the Extraordinary Music Festival, as well as the coordinator of the Extraordinary Music Workshops (from the second to the fourth edition). He is a culture expert by education. He also graduated from a music school of the second degree in the piano class and the School of Cantors.

Łukasz Serwiński – phone +48 790 553 812

Programme team

Daniel Wierzejski – musician (chorister), musicologist, music critic, webmaster. A graduate of Music Education at the Cracow Academy of Music, he also studied Music Theory and Musicology at the Jagiellonian University. He has participated in master classes with prominent singers: Marcel Peres, Divna Ljubojević, Patrizia Bovi. The author of numerous reviews, concert reports, musical essays published in Polish music press, as well as scientific publications devoted to the music of Polish composers of the 20th century. For several years, he has focused his research interests in the direction of sacred music, in particular liturgical music (both Gregorian chant, early polyphony, and early religious songs).

Agnieszka Kosecka-Wierzejskashe is mainly interested in sacred vocal music from chorale and traditional song to choral polyphony. For years she has been associated with the Dominican music milieu. She collaborates with the Dominican Liturgical Centre Foundation, engaging mainly in music projects, primarily in the organization of the Extraordinary Music Workshops from their first edition. She also co-created the first edition of the Extraordinary Music Festival. Currently, she sings permanently in chamber music ensembles Lege Artis and Sancta Trinitas. She has participated in numerous choral projects and workshops. As a guest musician, she has worked many times with befriended Cracow choirs. She has participated in recordings of Lege Artis and the Dominican Liturgical Centre Foundation.

Project coordinator

Marta Bernat – Leader of projects related to culture, new technologies and the media. She co-organized the Extraordinary Music Festival and Workshops, being responsible, among others, for preparing applications for funding to public institutions. In the Musica Divina project she is responsible, inter alia, for cooperation with partners and donors.