Concert venue

Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

ul. Karmelicka 19, Kraków

Concert date

October 1, 2020; 8pm

Admission free

Hear my prayer: A collection of prayers and psalms reflecting on old and new traditions.

Hear my prayer – Carine Tinney and Lukas Henning will take us on a journey through Western Renaissance Europe. The exquisite polyphony that forms the core of the program will be contrasted with the medieval monody (Gregorian chorale) on the one hand and the contemporary texture and harmony on the other. In the text section you will hear psalms, poetic texts and iconic prayers for Christian culture. Both the chamber cast of artists (soprano and lute), as well as the works chosen by them and the space of the beautiful temple, will encourage contemplation and bringing into the mood of intimate, personal prayer, which may prove even more passionate in the unusual for us reality of distance and closure.For the invitation of the Artists, the concert will also be attended by musicians from the Cracow Baroque Consort – the festival audience will have the opportunity to listen to a certain kind of announcement of the latest project of the inCanto Foundation entitled ‘Pocieszycielka Strapionych’, which is the result of the cooperation of the Cracow vocal ensemble and composer of the young generation, Mariusz Kramarz, realized with the participation of Carine Tinney.