St Mary's Basilica

plac Mariacki 5

14th August2018

Holy Mass 18.30
Concert 19.30

Admission free

Early Odes to the Mother of God

The mystery of Mary, the Mother of God, holds a major place in the faith of Christians since the beginning of the Church. Also, the celebrations and liturgies, which are dedicated to her, abound in the hymns and the various musical repertoires of the Churches of East and West since ancient times. This evening’s concert will only present an admirable sample drawn from the deepest and most venerable traditions of Byzantine chant, Mozarabic singing, Carthusian chant and polyphonic Gregorian chant according to Corsican tradition. Diversity of styles and languages but unanimity in the praise of the Woman who is „more venerable than the cherubim and incomparably more glorious than the Seraphim”.