Concert venue

Corpus Christi Basilica

ul. Bożego Ciała 26, Kraków

Concert date

October 2, 2020; 8pm

Admission free

Grands Offertoires Grégoriens. Singing of the psalms in the old ornamental tradition from the first medieval manuscripts (10th century)

The Gregorian chant certainly finds its fullest representation in the antiphon for the offering. During the Holy Mass liturgy, at the offering procession the cantors allowed the congregation to meditate on the psalms, which was supposed to join together talent and spiritual experience. During these musical meditations, the psalms are being contemplated patiently, until their whole substance is revealed. The studied composition hides in it the treasures of invention, and serves as a proof that the liturgical singing was able to reach the highest level of perfection in the Middle Ages. And, if a genius exists in every note, then the aftertaste left in our soul by those melodies escapes from our analysis, and becomes an exceptional experience.