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Musica Divina is not just another early music festival on Europe’s map. It aims to create a musical space for emotional and intellectual experiences. Against all current trends, it is a festival that maintains the highest quality while remaining free for the audience. Musica Divina does not base its future on government support, but seeks to build a community that would take care of its existence.

Although the concert programs are dominated by sacred music spanning between the Middle Ages and the Baroque, they are definitely not quasi-archaeological discoveries of musical rare „excavations”. Instead, we create a meeting space where artists and listeners each with their sensitivities, beliefs, and motivations gather around the passion for music with Christian roots, from the liturgical tradition of the Church of the East and the West. What they have in common is not only passion, but also the conviction of the timeless value of art and its key role in human life.

Thanks to the idea of the Shared Festival, Musica Divina has a chance of becoming a free event for the general public: a first in Poland and one of the first in Europe to be financed by regular contributions from Patrons. This is a very ambitious goal, which we certainly cannot achieve without the support of a community that understands the importance of caring for culture and spreading beauty in our everyday life.

What kind of change do the Patrons bring to the festival?

In addition to the core community of donors, consisting of people already enthusiastically associated with Musica Divina and the inCanto Foundation, we are welcoming new members who are attracted by this innovative idea of a festival founded by its audience.

Patrons accompany us for 12 months, regularly showing their financial support. It is thanks to them that we can manage the budget more economically and effectively, e.g. by buying airline tickets for artists well in advance, making confident program decisions, negotiating more attractive accommodation conditions for festival guests, etc.

Thanks to them, we have solid grounds to believe that the ambitious and long-term goal of putting the Musica Divina festival on social foundations is achievable.

We would like to invite everyone willing to help from outside our country to join us in this unique idea!

See what we are able to achieve thanks to the support of Patrons

Video report from Musica Divina 2022

Where do we stand now?

77 Patrons give us EUR 818 a monthThis gives a total of EUR 9816 per yearThis amount is ~8 % of the Festival's overall budget

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Stages of the journey to Musica Divina independence

250 EUR per month

We can now expand fundraising and promotion, and reach the audience more effectively to support the event.

1000 EUR per month

We have just financed the cost of employing one person who will be able to devote themselves to full-time work at the festival for a whole year!We are not free yet, but we are much safer!

2500 EUR per month

We have now the budget for one of the festival concerts!What's more: the Patrons can have direct access to the decision making of a program: it will be your concert at Musica Divina!

5000 EUR per month

More than half of Musica Divina's budget comes now from the support of Patrons! We can feel very safe and give up a huge part of the work on obtaining public subsidies. We are already organizing 3 out of six concerts in consultation with Patrons!

7500 EUR per month

Musica Divina Festival is ours and only ours!We develop our festival future in a slow and stable way. We decide on the program together and we can be sure that no turmoil in public life will prevent the continuation of Musica Divina!

Why is it so important to make Musica Divina independent of public support?

In the current situation, each new season means starting a new fight to raise funds for the continuation of the festival.

This is mainly due to the rules that govern the majority of public grants in Poland: the awarding of the grants is governed by non-transparent rules and involves great uncertainty.

Experience shows that public funds for events such as ours are sadly increasingly reduced, which is why the hopes of maintaining the festival in the long term with the participation of government grants are practically nil.

All this means that we have to solve this problem unconventionally.

Why should the Musica Divina festival survive?

The Musica Divina Festival has been in existence since 2018, it has had 5 editions so far. We have organized a total of 27 concerts attended by over 12,000 people.

The Musica Divina Festival is free, open to all those seeking the experience of being close to the sacred, contemplation, reverie, and delight.

Musica Divina is a recognizable brand already, and an important event for a wide audience from Poland and other European countries.

The mission of the festival includes not only attention to the quality of concert performances, but also a program which is well thought-out, internally coherent, and unique.

Thus it is capital that we should not squander!

Why would I support an event happening thousands of miles away?

It is a very legitimate question, and we do not have just one simple answer.

Musica Divina is a festival whose most important characteristics are the values it promotes: care for Beauty in everyday life, selflessness, passion, community activity, and high standards of quality. You can participate in something that is timeless and universal: something that constitutes our common cultural ground.

By supporting Musica Divina you give something to the people who should stay together and uphold the values which are the foundations of our civilization, particularly important in the current geopolitical situation.

Were you able to come to Kraków, you would have a chance not only to see the results of your commitment but also discover Poland and its culture, visit historical Kraków and its surroundings: we will be happy to help you with your visit!

Together we can prove that culture and the beauty of music are a common interest for people who can see their objective value, no matter where they live and the language they speak. You will aslo make new connections and you will meet people that share a common passion.

Join the community of Patrons and achieve with us something no one else has ever achieved!

Choose the amount with which you want to support us monthly. The thresholds below are just a suggestion—you can participate with any amount. We will thank you for each in a very special way!

10 EUR/USD per month

You receive:- access to a reserved group for Patrons on Facebook - a name tag of the Musica Divina Patron, which is your pass to all concerts - you no longer need to print your entrance pass!

20 EUR/USD per month

You receive:– all rewards from the previous threshold and: – personal acknowledgment in the festival booklet

50 EUR/USD per month

You receive:– all rewards from the previous threshold and: – invitation to the VIP sector for all festival concerts

100 EUR/USD per month

You receive:– all rewards from the previous threshold and: – high-quality audio recordings of all festival concerts sent to your e-mail address

200 EUR/USD per month

You receive:– all rewards from the previous threshold and: – exclusively released audio recordings of all festival concerts on a flash disc

??? EUR/USD per month

If you want to allocate a larger amount, please contact us. We will be happy to arrange for you a form of unique individual Thank you.

We will be happy to answer all your questions!

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president of inCanto Foundation